Suzi (23 March 2011)
"Re: Dreams of China invasion"

I find it very interesting that people are having these dreams of China invading us....especially since the new remake of "Red Dawn" deals with just that. EXCEPT, MGM is putting it on hold, either trying to sell it, or they want to EDIT out all the references to China being the aggressor, and making it North Korea! Put that together with the new ad about a future 'History Professor' telling his Chinese students how past empires have fallen, and now (in the future date), 'they (the US), work for us!'.

Here is the info on the new "Red Dawn" movie as told by reviewers who saw the 'uncensored' version:

and the scary commercial about China 'collecting the debt' (which is why they attack us in the fictional "Red Dawn" remake!):]Chinese Professor