Suzi (22 March 2011)
"Prayer request against spiritual attack"

My daughter 'fostered' kittens last year. They kept some, and gave two away to a couple (who cannot have kids). Yesterday, one of the cats of my daughter's had a stroke (young cat), and had to be put to sleep. This morning she heard from her friends that somehow the cat they'd given this couple was accidentally 'put in the wash' (not sure of all the details, just of the horror and guilt this young woman experienced). So, in one day, these two sets of young people (my daughter and her fiance consider the cats to be their 'practice children'), suffered loss. I can't even imagine the sheer terror/horror for this other young woman though. This is beyond just a 'freak accident' in my opinion. This is an attack on my family. Anyone who's ever had 'four legged children' knows the love these pets was hard enough for my kids to lose "Baby B", he wasn't well, (they think he'd suffered an undiagnosed stroke last summer), but for this other couple, who literally cannot have children of their own, their cats ARE their 'kids'. The poor girl was afraid that my daughter would hate her, since she gave them this and another cat. (In fact, I as a wedding gift to them, I paid to have the cats 'fixed' for them).

This is so horrible. I am praying God's peace and comfort on these young people. I am also standing firm against the enemy who is such a coward that he attacks the 'least of these', and aims his hurt at their weakest spots!

Please send a prayer over my kids, both birthed and acquired. I have no way of expressing how horrific this was/'s just so unreal. *keep in mind that this went down while this young couple was posting prayer requests for MY daughter and her fiance over their loss!*.

My anger against the enemy is HOT...I bind and cast out this evil in the Holy Name of Jesus!!


Blessings to you all~