Suzi (21 March 2011)
"to Phil re: Elenin"

When I first heard of this 'comet' or whatever it may be, I thought it was named for the area of the sky it was coming from "Leonids" meteor showers and such. Then I read it was actually named after someone. But then I heard that ELE stands for "Extinction Level Event" and that the thing is just that...something that could possibly impact earth or at least influence it in such a way as to bring about mass extinctions.

I remember watching the movie "Knowing", but honestly don't remember the end. I thought a space ship came or something. My daughter told me she's had this and very similar dreams since she was little. I did too. I had one that was  a recurring theme, we lived in the country, very little light or air pollution back then. So many stars were visible. Sometimes I'd look up and it would be as if we were on the inside of a glass bowl...I could 'see things' on the other side, giant things, watching us. The other dream of this type was again, looking up at the seemingly solid 'dome sky' and seeing 'space ships' coming closer. Now I grew up with 'alien' and 'space invasion' movies from the '50s & '60s playing on tv on the weekends, so that's no wonder.

I'll check out the links you listed tomorrow, when I'm more awake. Thanks.