Suzi (21 March 2011)
"Re: Sea fossils in the hills"

Yes, I know that the earth was once 'covered by the sea'...but the waters receded rather quickly, and these 'sea shells' and 'sand dollars' are the same that are found in Japan (not on OUR coast which is 100 or so miles on the other side of them). What I'm talking about is how the landscape obviously changed in such a way that the 'same ocean' that borders Japan, was once as far inland off California's coast as 75 to 100 miles. It's also a nice size ranges of 'hills'. That speaks of tectonic movement to me. Those shells and things are buried in the hillside, the land was pushed upward in such a way as to trap them inside the hill. Major land mass movement.

It's all part of the 'Ring of Fire'. I believe when the 'waters of the deep' burst forth, they 'exploded' out of the Pacific, right in the middle of what we call the Ring of Fire.