Suzi (19 March 2011)
"My "Three Cs""

I always make jokes about my daily reading online of my "three Cs".

Christian sites.
Conservative sites.
Conspiracy sites.

Sometimes they overlap, with two agreeing, with some but not all parts of a situation. For the first time that I can remember (except for the on-going things to do with BHO), we are getting all 3 to line up with the idea that 'something' big could very well go down on the West Coast of the US between March 19th thru the 26th.

We've got the scientific 'Ring of Fire' and the fact that it seems to be making a clockwork turn with major quakes happening, making us next.

We've got the 'seismic window' of the "Supermoon", coupled with the full moon being the Spring Equinox all falling into that time the 'fish kill' or 'quake fish' with reports along California's coast line.

Now, add to the mix the noted 'anniversary' of US officially speaking against Israel happening this weekend. Wow.

All 3 of my 'Cs' agreeing...lining up. *shudder*

My two oldest kids are both engaged, my daughter longer than my son...I keep thinking they just need to get on with their lives, since the Lord wants us to enjoy all that He's given us, and I do believe time is short. I don't think this life is just a waiting room for Heaven. We are supposed to 'have life, and life more abundantly'. Thinking we 'have time' for things will end up cheating us out of some of the blessings we could have. I know our biggest blessing and rewards are to come, but I am selfish enough that I want grandbabies...I want my girls (and future daughter in law) to know the joy of having children. It gave me an even closer, intimate knowledge of God when I was allowed/honored to play a part of the creation of a new life. I don't want my kids to miss that. We all know that everyone has regrets of 'the someday that never came' in this life...every time we go to a funeral we feel that. As Christians we KNOW that one day WILL be THE day. I also know that nothing here on Earth can even come close to comparing to what we will have. But I know Jesus wants us to have these, little, 'desires of our hearts'. Every time my daughter talks to me about wedding plans, or I see my future DIL posting on Facebook about looking at dresses, cake toppers and such...I keep hearing in my head about how people were going about their and taking in marriage...*sigh*

I know they are young and in love, but both my older kids are very well versed (much more so than I) in all things Biblical...they are just so caught up in the moment, in the very act of trying to make a life for themselves that they don't see time slipping away. I am reminded of that song, "I don't want to miss a thing"....

Please pray for my kids that they can see that the 'marriage' is what is important, not the 'wedding', since this is just a 'rehearsal' for the REAL "Wedding" we are all going to attend. They all known the Lord, I just don't want them to be caught with their lamps untrimmed.