Suzi (18 March 2011)
"To Steve re: Washington and entire West Coast"

You put the same 'puzzle pieces' together that I did!

I was asking my husband and daughter, 'if things were progressing, as a woman giving birth, what is next?'.

Washington is named for the 'Father of our Country', right? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Some have mentioned San Fransisco, being a modern day Sodom. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

If you look up St. Francis (which SF is named for), you can find some interesting info (he went to the Crusades hoping to die a martyrs death at the hand of the Muslims), he was the Patron Saint of Animals and the Environment (just two things that a huge portion of those in SF 'worship'). hmmmmmmmmmm.

If we move down the West Coast, we can't help but come to "The City of Angels"....another hotbed of immorality and much involved in an industry that has tried it's best to snuff out the very things it was named for. I still want to read more from the young man back in the '30s who had 'future visions/dreams' of a megaquake taking out LA/Hollywood.

lots of hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms there. huh?

I have no idea if anything big will happen in the next few days with the 'supermoon', but yes, 'we' are 'due' for the 'big one'. I've heard about it all my life. Grew up hearing that 'California will fall into the sea'. I've gone over toward the West (we live in the Central San Joaquin Valley), and dug up fossils of sea creatures on THIS side of the hills, which means that at one time, those hills...well, they WERE a part of the sea at one time! *there are purple sand dollars, which I've been told are only found in Japan!*. hmmmm....time for another 'field trip' I think.

Whatever happens, as has been said, 'rejoice', we are seeing a pre-written history unfold before our eyes. Keep looking up!!