Suzi (18 March 2011)
"another note about the timing of things"

All the talk about the 'supermoon' on March 19th got me thinking and talking to my daughter. Her birthday is tomorrow, March 18th (my bro-in-law's bday is the 19th).

The other day my daughter told me she had 'that dream again'. It's a recurring dream that she had awhile back (before the talk about Planet X).

She said in the dream, we started seeing 'something near the sun'. Every day, in the dream it seemed to be getting closer/larger. Then, she and I are standing on our front porch looking at it, and we are holding onto each other, knowing we are going to die. She's crying, saying she always thought she'd have kids, always thought there would be more time. (she will be 23, and is very proud of her purity, telling the younger girls of some of her older friends about chastity). She says the dreams ends with us waiting and knowing 'the end is coming'.

I told my husband and he had such a disturbed look on his face...all he could say is, 'that's so sad'. Yes, she was very upset by it. Especially since she's dreamed it before...a planet or some other object coming closer and closer to earth on a path that will destroy it. huh.

It could just be a warning dream that 'something big is coming'...who knows.