Suzi (17 March 2011)
"To Nicole re: Crazy guy w/ car"

You mention every agency except law enforcement. Why have you not filed charges against him? You can file a restraining order. You SHOULD be calling 911. You ARE responsible in that if your son or other family member is at risk at the hands (or car) of another, you MUST report it. The school might be letting you down, but why are you even expecting them to rescue you or your son if you don't CALL THE COPS!

I'm not trying to be rude or mean, I've been married to a cop for over 27 years...they are not 'all knowing', they can't protect you if you don't keep them informed. Every time you call on a person or incident it gives them and you more 'ammo' to do something about the situation. Don't wait until someone is hurt or killed. CALL NOW!!!

Call the department's 'office hours' phone, ask to speak to a 'watch commander' or other official person and make a DETAILED report...give them the 'long story'. Also, document everything you've been through and the steps you have taken. This should have been reported after the very first incident. By you and the school. If the person has a personal vendetta against you and yours, changing schools may not even help (especially if he's found/followed you on the freeway).

Don't let your kid live in fear, take control of the situation and get law enforcement involved NOW!