Suzi (17 March 2011)
"To Amanda re: Word from the Lord"

You wrote that when you asked the Lord if anything big was coming to this country and were told "Washington", not once but twice, right?

Well, if you look at the illustrations of the 'Ring of Fire' and you listen to the scientists and the Christian cannot fail to see that things started in "Concepcion", and have progressed through "Christchurch", and now to Japan where the translated name for the reactor(s) that are already letting off radiation is "Mother's Milk"...I too wonder 'where along the West Coast would be the next 'big one'. I did not ask the Lord...personally, I don't trust my 'hearing'. I've never developed that 'knowing' of His voice over my own. But, when you heard "Washington", I don't think it means "DC" as most would think with the political climate of late...but instead, quite possibly and most likely, Washington STATE!

If the expert on Fox News is right, with the 'supermoon', the tides and other factors, March 19th looks to be a 'very interesting day'.

Oh, and for the record, they are saying that people in the US need not worry about radiation from Japan...I beg to differ. We KNOW that the waves from that tsunami reached our shores...why on earth would be NOT believe that the radiation (on waves, or via air) could not? "They" just don't want a panic.

Just my two cents.