Suzi (14 March 2011)
"Praise the Lord Firecharger!"

Coming from a background in the occult, I try to get the message across to my kids and their friends that even though they have given their lives/hearts to Jesus, there is still a battle being waged, unseen around us at all times.

I liken the spiritual 'uncleanliness' as a stench that can attach itself to you unawares.

We have a local 'Indian Casino' nearby. I worked there in 'guest relations' in one of the few 'non smoking areas'. I am very sensitive to cigarette even when I walked through the areas to get to my desk, I'd come home smelling of smoke. It was in my hair, clothes, even on my skin. The best thing about working there (the only good thing actually) was my constant state of being in Prayer. I worked with girls who listened to me ramble in my usual way, but I'd drop nuggets of Truth in there that were actual seeds being sown. I prayed for alot of people there. BUT, I know it was a major spiritual battleground.

I've told my kids, just like when you go out to that casino, even walking through to get to the buffet or arcade, you get that smoke on attaches to you. Well, spiritual 'uncleanliness' is just like that. If you put yourself in situations or places or around people who attract of have attached to them these 'unclean spirits', you too can be affected.

You mention 'truckstops'...not only are you subjecting yourself to unhealthy foods (not pointing fingers as I just ate a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast!), but you are also walking through areas that are notorious for nefarious goings on. You know that. Just like the casino, there is addiction, sexual perversions, drug use, theft, greed, lust...pretty much a plethora of all the 'deadly sins' are played out on a 24/7 basis. We would be foolish and naive to think that we can walk through those places without coming into contact with the spirits of the unclean vices which 'infect' those places. This is the closest to what I consider 'haunted places'. People talk about 'haunted houses'...then go on to relate true histories of a location and use the fact that the activities are tied to certain events or behaviors of 'manifestation'...well, (in the now famous words of Charlie Sheen *poor tormented soul*)....DUH! If a spirit of LUST is attached to a person who frequents a place, don't think that spirit will be happy with just hangin' out with that one person. No, it's like a virus and wants/needs to be 'fed', yes, everyone, even those washed in the Blood of Jesus, are prone to walking out of a place with the 'stench' attached to them. That's one reason I think we need to constantly stand against 'things unseen'. I think we forget to do that. I know I do.

Remember that, even though YOU are not taking part in the sin going on in those trucker bathroom/showers, or in the parking lots...even sitting at that counter buying that chili cheese dog w/ extra onions and such is practically an open invitation to a 'spirit of gluttony' to 'set up housekeeping'. I think it's so obvious that it's like the 'plain as the nose on yer face' type see it you end up having to skew your eyes, or look in a mirror....and then it's sometimes the reverse image or it's through a glass darkly. I'm so glad you had those moments that helped you see 'face to face'. Who knows what damage was being done to your body with that acid reflux! Praise Him for leading you to the ministries that helped you out. I'm going to check them out, because I know there is something that has 'attached itself' to me and my family. Every time I've had to have a surgery there is a major 'falling out' in our family. I've always attributed it to the stress my medical problems put on the family, emotionally, physically and financially. Maybe I can find the right 'cleanser' to wash away these things, and find physical relief in the process!

Thanks again for sharing your down home, common sense testimony to us all!

Be safe, and remember to put on the armor of the Lord even when you make a pit stop...seriously, you are walking into a place that is not just physically 'dirty'...but spiritually as well. We can't avoid it, it's all around us everyday...but sometimes, some places are just more 'concentrated'!

God Bless!