Suzi (11 March 2011)
"VERY strange event re: big earthquake"

I was watching TV tonight, and suddenly felt that 'am I having an earthquake' feeling. I was going to look up the chart for 'recent earthquakes in California', but realized the news was coming on soon, so I just kept on cutting out fabric as I'd been doing. I pretty much forgot about it, and switched the TV over to "The Mentalist" instead of checking the news on "Fox".

Imagine my surprise when the regular 11pm news announces an 8.8 earthquake and tsunami happening in Japan! Now, even though I'm on the West Coast and we get get 'baby quakes' all around us, it's been awhile since I've actually 'felt' a real one...I've 'known' we've had one or two, but I don't actually physically 'feel' movement. I get a sensation of movement, that is like having a dip in blood pressure or blood sugar.

I am totally freaked out that I had that feeling right at the exact time!! How odd is that?

God bless those affected!