Suzi (10 March 2011)
"How "Angels" might reproduce"

I keep thinking of the Angels that the men of Sodom wanted to 'have their way with'. These 'men' who came in and ate (a human function), obviously had 'human form'...right? When Abraham fed his visitors (again, 'Angels'), they also ate food. So, we do have references that these 'messengers' indeed appeared at 'human'. Now, Satan cannot create, he can only mimic/copy what God can do. And since these other messengers that God did send were 'human' in appearance and at least in some physical form (the eating again), can we assume they could perform other 'humanly functions'? They were 'sent'...but the fallen angels 'left their estate'. So, perhaps they WERE able to 'appear' human...take human form...perform 'functions' of human beings, ie: engage in sexual acts. They 'came into women'...that, to me is fairly graphic for having sex. BUT, they were NOT human, therefore the DNA would be 'off'. When God overshadowed Mary, there was no need for an actual 'sex act', and the union was a pure event. These fallen angels would most likely take the most 'base' of routes and perform as humans...therefore, their 'impure' facsimile of a 'human being's' genetic material would combine with the women and create something 'other than fully human'. Only GOD can create a perfect human...these fallen angels would create a 'copy' that was imperfect, defective, different. And yes, that is how I think we came by all the genetic imperfections. When people ask, 'if there is a God, why do children get Cancer...'...the answer is 'sin entered the world'. I think this is one way it did. I am no Bible Scholar, but that is what I believe happened. These offspring were 'freaks of nature'. When I was still into the occult, it was a belief that they were the offspring of 'other worldly' creatures (aliens)...obviously that school of thought is going strong today (especially in Hollywood!).

How far fetched is it to believe that fallen angels mated with women, when we have notations in the Bible that say pretty much that fact...but people would rather think that some other superior race from the stars came to earth and did the same thing. huh.

I also think that this corrupt DNA would spread like a virus...with every joining together of one such person with another, you would have these percentages of 'other' involved.

I love watching "Who do you think you are" the tv show about tracing your family tree. I'm always amused when someone like Vanessa Williams or Lional Ritchie find out that they have white ancestors. It is very plain to see they are of 'mixed race'...where did they think that genetic trait came from? Just like the genetic code that gives a person a certain skin color, or eye color or other physical feature is passed down through generations, I believe that those traits left by the 'fallen angels' could also be passed down. But, I get confused about how/if they survive today. Didn't God destroy all mankind except for Noah and his family because 'all the earth was corrupt'? I know during my occult days, it was believed that the story of Atlantis and other accounts were because the people had become too strong/intelligent and that God (in the minds of wiccan/pagans) was 'afraid' of their power (also the tower of Babel story).

I know I need to study more...but sometimes I just think, 'someday I'll know it all'...I figure that when we are with the Lord for eternity, we'll be able to see everything that has happened and understand it all. Like a big library of holographic books for us to experience and know what went on before, during and after every historical event. How awesome will that be?

Even if Satan and his minions can't or don't physically 'interbreed' with humans, I know that spiritually, they can inflict damage that I also have seen first hand is 'passed down' (relatives who never had contact with fathers, behave JUST like them). So, once that 'ball is rolling', it can only be stopped by the complete surrender and cleansing by the Lord.