Suzi (1 March 2011)
"To Kevin H re: AC not devout 'anything'!"

This is exactly what I've tried to get across to so many!

The AC will put himself 'as God'...he will not adhere to any 'religion' of this world, nor of 'his fathers'. That is actually a clue, that 'his fathers' were devout in some way to a formal 'religion'.

When people say that BHO is Christian or Muslim or whatever, I have to laugh. He's shown time and again that he does just give 'lip service' to ALL faiths, as fits the agenda of the moment. He only believes in himself. He's said straight out that 'sin' is falling short of 'HIS' standards...not God's not Allah's, not any 'God'...just himself. That, in a nutshell is 'Satanism'. Looking to yourself 'as god'. People think of the Hollywood image of a Satanist, and don't realize that 'humanism', believing that we are the end all and be all of all things, that is an idea whispered in the ear of Adam and Eve from the beginning. BHO believes that. That alone makes him a perfect vessel for the AC. I'm sure there are others in the world right now who are also perfect candidates...but the AC will use whomever is best for the job at hand when the time comes. I'm sure there is more than one person being 'groomed' for the role.

I know some have taken the part about women as meaning the man is celibate or homosexual...pointing at someone within the Catholic Church or some other 'order' which doesn't have men marry, or someone who is 'in the closet'. Funny that BHO had the whispers about his 'activities'...which sure were squashed by the MSM when he was running for Prez. No one even remembers that a gay choir master from his former church was murdered around that time. hmmmm...

Whomever the AC ends up being may be involved or espouse certain 'religious beliefs', but they will, at their heart and core NOT believe/follow that faith. When one speaks out so openly that proves they are NOT true adherents, it's much easier to point a finger at possible persons.