Susan B (30 March 2011)

Dearest Doves,
May God bless each and every one of you.
This is of small account but I thought it worthwhile to write about.  Yesterday I was approached by a group of 3 young men in a shopping mall near the entrance - (I was going out).  One of them stopped me and said "Excuse me Miss but could you spare $2.20".  As I usually do not cave in to beggars asking for money (or cigarettes!!) - I said "no I am sorry I cannot" - also thinking to myself "I am on a pension and can little afford it anyway".
BUT - on my way to the car I thought - well that was a strange amount to ask for - it must have been for something specific and that "still quiet voice" in my head prompted me to go looking for him.  When I found him again with the two other young men I said "what did you want the $2.20 for please"?
He said "Please miss - we need to catch the bus into the city and the fare is $2.20 - my other friend already has his $2.20 (at that point one of the men showed me his $2.20).   I then turned to the 3rd young man and said "what about you - do you have your $2.20 for busfare"?  He said "no Miss - but we did not want to ask for more than one".  I fished in the small change in my purse and had just enough to give each of the two young men who didn't have their busfares $2.20 each and I said "I do this because I am a Christian and God has impressed on my heart that you need this money for the bus - believe in the power of God and seek Him please".  This is the FIRST TIME I had ever witnessed to complete strangers.
As I got in the car I felt a little strange to realise that the total I had given was $4.40 - when so many are talking about a possible date of 4/4 being significant.
It may mean nothing; it may mean a lot - but I was definitely prompted by the Holy Spirit to go after those young men and I was happy to be able to help and also to tell them about God.
Please Jesus - come quickly - your people groan for you and look upwards ever increasingly - surely you will come quickly.  Amen.
God bless you all,
YSIC, Susan.