Susan B (29 March 2011)
"To Mary Anna - re Muslims"

To Mary Anna - re Muslims
God bless Mary Anna
I am in Australia but we also have a very large Muslim population.  You posed the question what would Jesus do?  I believe he would have rebuked them for following a false prophet (Mohammed) and asked them to accept Him as the true Son of God - He would also have prayed for them.
Now here in Australia the Muslim community are large and keep pretty much to themselves so it would not make sense for me to march up to them and rebuke them - but there is one thing I can do - I can pray for each and every Muslim person that the TRUE SON of God be revealed to them.
And  - it's happening!!  There are many many accounts of Muslims turning to Christianity.  A girl here in Australia had to be protected from her Father as he was going to behead her for turning to Christ!  Fortunately - at the moment - we are still a Christian country although we are lukewarm by all accounts.  I know only a very few truly spirit fillled Christians.  We have a large Italian community in Australia so Roman Catholocism is very strong also - however, I have no problem with this provided the believer prays directly to Jesus and not the Virgin Mother (I don't want to get into a discussion of doctrine - but I believe that's a heathen practice).
So  - I haven't helped much really have I? But - prayer is the most powerful weapon there is  - thus pray for these people that there eyes be opened and their bodies be filled by the Holy Spirit.
Your sister in Christ,