Steve W (29 March 2011)
"Will all truely Born Christians be Raptured? Jennie's Question and Rudy's response"

Jennie wanted to know if all truly Born Again Christians will be raptured.
Rudy Wallace responded:
Jennie REF: Question
If you had several children, and one of them miss-behaved all the time, and you decided to move, would you leave that child behind?
God is greater in His mercy than we are, and though a true born again Christian may stumble and fall on occasion, God will not leave those who are His behind.
No more than you would leave a naughty toddler behind if you moved.
Here's what Jesus thinks about those who are His:
John 10:29: My Father, who hath given them unto me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father's hand.
Satan wants born again believers to believe that they can lose their salvation or miss the rapture.  He wants them to be tortured with that thought and thus lose the joy of their salvation.
If we were raptured due to behavior, we could boast that we were a better child than some of our other siblings.  Ever heard a child say, "Mommy likes me better than you?"
We will be raptured because we are God's born again children, not because we behaved in a particular manner.  Now some, I do believe, may lose particular rewards (crowns) based on their behavior, but none will lose their salvation or be left behind if they are truly born again.  Remember the story of the prodigal son and how jealous the righteous son was over his brother who had strayed and lived in riotious living, but then came home and was given a party by the Father.  He was a better son in some ways, but the prodigal son was also in the family and was the object of great rejoicing, while the good son sat in the corner and pouted.  (My translation)
We moved a lot early in my career for the sake of advancement, and I read something once that broke my heart, in regards to moving.  The article said that the biggest fear small children have when the family moves, is that they will be left.  The article suggested that you let them pack a suit case and talk about their new home to alive the fear.
Some Christians have this same fear, but rest assured, God will not leave any of His children.
My oh my Rudy, your heart reflects the love of our Lord. What a wonderful, and I feel, God inspired response. I know we at Dove's have gone around and around at length on this topic.
There are basically two camps on this. And the responses to Jennie's question falls into these two camps. Most likely your response is the minority view. But I'm with you 100%.
What better illustration to see God's love, mercy, patience, and kindness than the prodigal son. Are we not all like the prodigal son at times? Are we not like the "righteous religious" brother at times?
The father loved them both. Equally. His grace and mercy is so abundant. It almost seems like those who believe we can be left behind feel they we have to "earn" their rapture. So why would it not it not hold true for our salvation as well ? How do we obtain salvation ?  It's a GIFT! We can't obtain it. Whether you are a Mother Teresa or a serial killer like Ted Bundy, ( who by the way became a Christian prior to being executed) God loves you just the same. Think of it, a godly saint who has helped thousands of poor Indians, and a mass murderer who has killed and raped more than 50 women.
What kind of God is that? It's the most incredibly forgiving God that is beyond human comprehension. We cry, "NOT FAIR, he deserves Hell." God says," I died for his sins as well." We will be blown away
at just how motley of a crew is in heaven. Just the same, there will be some folks raptured that will be back slidden, compromising, prodigal son type of Christians that God has chosen to save as well.
Why? Because He loves them just like you and me. You see, we all have sinned, we sin daily, and will sin tomorrow. Thank God for His amazing grace. Yes Randy, the rewards will be vastly different. But salvation and the rapture were set in stone at the beginning of time. I thank God He is this way. Otherwise, none of us would be raptured, let alone saved.
Steve W.