Steve W (17 March 2011)
"Amanda + Suzi = "Burning Ring of Fire""

Dear Doves,
Remember the old Johnny Cash song, Ring of Fire ?
I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire
I Went Down, Down, Down
And The Flames (waves) Went Higher
And It Burns, Burns, Burns
The Ring Of Fire
The Ring Of Fire
The Ring of Fire is Alive and well,
Chile, Christchurch, Japan, and .....(fill in the blank)

Yesterday Amanda posted,


 Hello all,

About a year ago (April 2010), I asked the Lord if anything big was coming here in our country and He said "Washington".  So again last night (March 15), I asked okay Lord I just feel with all of these judgments happening everywhere the U.S. could not possibly be exempt from them and would we have something happen here to watch for, He said "Washington".  So I will be watching for something to happen regarding "Washington".

So much pain all around, so ready to go home.”



Suzi posted,


Jim Berkland, an expert who predicted the '89 quake in SF,  says a major quake will hit the West Coast of US somewhere around this weekend! March 19th!! He says it's all easy to spot due to tides, the 'supermoon', the 'earthquake fish' washing ashore down in SoCal...

So, in this, it's 'science' saying what 'we' have been hearing and saying...hmmmm.

Time is short indeed.




After reading both posts I got a chill up my spine and thoughts of destruction

similar to the recent events in Japan. Perhaps the reason both posts grabbed my

attention was that I live in Washington State and all well known geologists,

and seismologists agree that the little known Cascadia Subduction Zone is due

to rupture sooner rather than later. Please read below for more info on this fault line.


When this fault line ruptures, it is predicted to cause an earthquake of at least a 9.0

Yikes! This could produce a Tsunami up to a 100ft in many places on the West Coast.

The devastation will stretch from Vancouver, B.C. to San Francisco. As we saw from the

Japanese quake, a Tsunami could reach all the way to Asia. If the entire fault line

ruptures (which is likely) the damage done by the Tsunami will far exceed that of the

Japan quake. Entire towns along the WA, OR, and CA coasts could be wiped out.

Of course the shear magnitude of a quake that size could very well cause major damage

to cities like Seattle, Portland, and SanFrancisco. The last time the Cascadia Subduction

Zone ruptured was 1700 A.D. Geologists say this fault line has about a 300 to 350 year

window between eruptions. Do the math! They have found evidence that the last rupture

caused a huge Tsunami to race across the Pacific and hit Japan. While Jim Berkland is

by no means a prophet, he is a very knowledgeable geologists and has predicted accurately a 

number of quakes. And I’m sure Amanda’s “word” from the Lord is not a “Thus saith the

Lord..” it very well could be a word from Him and is at least worth paying attention to.

So all those on the West Coast, get your earthquake kits ready, say your prayers, and

 rest in His peace. Life is out of our control anyway. Whether anything

happens in the near future we all know the birth pangs are increasing in frequency and

intensity. God must be close at the door.




Steve W.