Steven Prieur (30 March 2011)
"Nightmare and Our Future"

My Fellow Believers in the soon return of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus,

After much consideration, I would like to share my recent building of nightmares and visions. Even though i am not a firm believer in visions, i am complied to ask for help!.

I have been test for some time now. I can not determin everthing or pretend to know everything, but i do know that many have come true. Even as I write this letter. Nervousness and trembleing cloud my thinking.

With world events spiraling out of control, the last beckon of light in the world is being blown out by Our Presidents Boldness. As i watched in disbelief last nights speech. My visions soon became reality. Demonic powers are showering our Country, The Falling away has begun, The New World Religion is 1st! Not the New World Order!

Islam's venom is quickly poisoned our Country's foundation. Our way of life is gone. With crazy protests spreading in America, Our greatest hope, our long wait is coming to an end. How many will be influenced by Our Leader is to be seen.

I will write more tomorrow.
I am seeking wisdom here!
and help, even as i type this which normally would take a few minutes has taken be over 2 hours. my computer is acting up , seems everything possible is being done to keep me from sharing my Nightmares and visions.

Steven P