Steve Mullin (12 March 2011)
"Japan and Nuclear Plants"

I am not really sure who posted either a vision or a dream about an event that could soon take place that would bring a lot of "darkness" or problems to our atmosphere, but I vaguely remember reading it recently on the fivedoves. If the earthquake and tsunami in Japan lead to nuclear powerplant meltdowns, it could possibly be referring to that. In one report today, I read that one plant had 8 times the radiation measured outside of the plant after the tsunami. In another later tonight, I saw on tv that one had 1000 times normal radiation just outside its location. Radiation in the atmosphere could potentially have a major impact on the world's weather. It's interesting to note that Russia's "Chernobyl" incident had a major impact on the world. Not sure where I read it, but I believe that Chernobyl translated means "wormwood", which could be a big sign. The book of Revelation 8:10 mentions "wormwood". Things are definitely getting interesting.
Steve Mullin