Sharon Donnard (7 March 2011)
"You can be healed!"

Those of you who need healing please Google Andrew Wommack Ministries.


A year and a half ago doctors told me I would most likely die of cancer it looked so bad. I asked the Doves and many others for prayer and then listened to Andrew’s teachings on healing. He has a series called  “Healing Journeys”  which are documented cases of miracles that build faith.  Also the teaching titled “God Wants You Well” will help you understand what God's word really says. You can listen to his teaching on mp3 downloads, watch on iPod videos, watch on your computer or read the articles all of which are free!


Praise the Lord I’m alive and well!  At my last visit the doctor said,  “You have come through this so well you are a poster child!”


Thank you Doves for your prayers and thank you Jesus for leading me to listen to faith filled teachers who taught me to believe that by your stripes I was healed.