Sandra J (30 March 2011)
"Staying Focused"

Hello John and Doves,
  First time writing.  I have been reading doves for about 2 years.
I have had numerous dreams and words spoken, I believe, from the Lord about future events.  I will share a few.
One of my dreams I seen the middle of the US covered in water. From Chicago straight down over to the Rockies. Canada clear through Mexico. I had been praying about the dividing of Israel at that time. This dream was about 3 years ago.
Another dream, I was driving west towards Springfield, MO and all of a sudden I seen a mushroom cloud over the city. The next scene I was in the city in a building and ash was falling. Then the next scene I was at a highway junction with "flyovers" I could see headlights, ash falling, cars were not moving. At the time of the dream (approx 7 years ago) the 2 highways met with bridges, exit and entrance ramps. At the time of the dream, there was no known plans of building flyovers, but 2 are just about finished and it looks exactly what I pictured in my dream!
One day (around the year 2007) I was sitting at the kitchen counter paying the bills and I came to our house payment. The payment was due on the 5th and you could pay up to 10 days later with no added late fee. ( A grace period) I felt like the Lord spoke to me "10 days Grace" All I could see was the years 2000 to 2010. So when I learned from all the great post concerning April 4/5 of this year, and we are still in the year 2010 from the Hebrew calendar, it caught my interest.  
 I know the birth pangs are getting stronger, consistent and predictable. We are in transition. Just like a woman experiencing contractions. They are tolerable and you can breath thru them at first. Then you go to labor pains that are alittle more intense, causing some discomfort and intolerence. At that moment, she has to focus on what will get her thru it, and rest in between them.  We are at that point, "staying focused"  We must take this time that is left to stay in the Word, pray, build your relationship with the Bridegroom, encourage one another, witness to the lost, spread Hope to everyone!! Jesus said, "When you see these thing begin to happen, look up, your deliverance is near." The events have begun and have been since Israel became a nation. So the time is near!! Glory!!
YSIC, Sandra J
Welcome to the Doves, Sandra!