Sabrina (14 March 2011)
"JESUS: I Am Coming!"

 This is an urgent message from the LORD JESUS–We are but humble servants asked to do HIS work in these last days–Please read and forward to whoever you can–God bless.

Around 2007 or so, the LORD brought together two people from two different parts of the globe—one in the U.S. and the other in Belgium. Sabrina (Belgium) and I, Susan (U.S.) became friends because I had posted some information about GOD online and I received an email from her about it. I was involved in church outreach at the time and she was having struggles in a very secular region of the world with outreach. I felt the LORD wanted me to support her as she and I both struggled with issues of outreach in our communities—thus began a wonderful friendship—but we did not know that GOD had bigger plans for our lives. Sabrina had the unique gift of being able to hear the voice of the LORD and I totally believed and supported her gift. Then recently she let me know that the LORD had a gift for me—I soon found out that the gift was also hearing the voice of the LORD—I started to write down letters HE gave me recently and I have been filling many notebook pages. The messages are very, very serious—the LORD told us we needed to get these messages out without delay–so here are the letters I received—you can read more about us at the bottom of this message. Please pass this message on to whomever you think needs to read this.


Then I (Sabrina) asked the LORD what about your (Susan’s) letters: "I have spoken to her so she might learn to understand My Voice. Send the word out about My soon coming. Don’t be shy about a thing. The world must get penetrated with My words. Everybody must know that I am coming very soon. Many do know, but are not ready. Therefore send out My words! Send them out & don’t be shy about a thing.”  Then the LORD said: “This refers also to you (me, Sabrina) My daughter, don’t be shy about a thing any more. Do it soon!”

I Am Coming Table of Contents


Part 1

Introduction to the Letters and Warning from JESUS that HE IS COMING and to GET READY


Part 2

A second introductory letter and announcement with warnings that JESUS plans to come soon.


Part 3

In this letter, the Lord is pleading to get ready and explaining that His coming is actually really soon.



Part 4

Like the other letters, JESUS explains that HE is actually coming soon and to stop engaging with pagan idols.


Part 5

Again the LORD tells about His plan to come back for the bride, evil of the enemy and the unpreparedness of the world


Part 6

This is a letter with the LORD pleading to the people to get ready and He speaks of His sacrifice on the cross for His people.



Part 7

This was the first letter we received that the LORD really talks about the world to come and where the Bride is going…


Part 8

In this letter, JESUS talks about His bride and also talks about the evil of hell.  We included the letter from Sally Richter who received a very similar message from the LORD



Part 9

Susan just received this letter over a two-day period and it is a very serious letter given to Susan by our Lord JESUS.  The Lord addresses the seriousness of the hour and also HIS anger for the lukewarm church.  We have also added to it a letter given to Sally Richter from the Lord on 10-13-10 that also speaks volumes about the urgency in His voice.  Also with these letters at the bottom we are including a testimony from a friend of ours (Sabrina & Susan) who has been reporting to us about having visions which started the beginning of this past summer 2010 and have been happening right up until the last couple days



Part 10

The LORD warns people in the letter to Susan that a vile nation is forming and the people are not paying attention to what is coming.  Through Sabrina’s letter the LORD pleads for the people to repent and come to HIM before it is too late.


Part 11


In this letter JESUS talks about the lukewarm condition of the church, the darkness coming over the earth and the cruel master the enemy will be.  Charlotte Hill’s letter is included from the LORD with very similar words for the people.



Part 12

In this letter the LORD talks about the darkness coming over the earth and how little the people are paying attention to what’s happening to them around them.  The LORD tells how HE will see His plans through no matter whether the people are ready or not.


Part 13

This letter primarily the LORD talks about the world’s descent into darkness and the people’s refusal to pay attention to what’s coming.  In Sabrina’s letter the LORD implores the people to follow HIS commandments and the importance of following them.


Part 14

JESUS pleads with the people to come to HIM now—only HE can save them.  Repent and to turn to Him.  Also for the people to stop clinging to the world.


Part 15

In Sabrina’s letter from the LORD He speaks about hell and how the bride needs to be free of spots and wrinkles.  In Susan’s letter JESUS talks about the Bible as the standard against all other schools of thoughts.  It also speaks of the evil nation forming and darkness coming over the earth.



Part 16

The letter to Susan from JESUS speaks strongly of the trouble the lukewarm church is in.

In Sabrina’s letter the LORD warns to listen to His prophets, He speaks of standing before Him one day and keeping HIS commandments.



Part 17

This is a letter from JESUS to Susan telling the people to listen to HIS warnings and that the people are not paying attention at all or listening to His warnings.  The world is blind and not seeing what is coming.  Also includes a letter from Mary of Texas who received a similar word from the LORD.



Part 18

This is Part XVIII of a series of letters given to Sabrina, others, and me most recently (links to other letters below).  This message has three parts.  First a letter Susan received from the LORD JESUS, then second a letter Sabrina received from the LORD JESUS, and finally a word from a young 10-year-old girl who had communicated with Sabrina. 

The messages from the LORD are stressing the importance of following the commandments of GOD.  The commandments are not obsolete as so many seem to think by their disregard of them.  It is clear in this verse Revelation 12:17, a New Testament verse, that GOD’s commandments are not obsolete for this generation.   JESUS speaks in His letter about the many roles He can play in a person’s life.  Also in this letter to Sabrina, JESUS warns about not keeping His commandments including keeping the Sabbath holy.


Part 19

In the letter to Susan the LORD talks about the people being far away from HIM.  HE also talks about the way the people profane HIS Holy name in this letter.  Primarily this letter addresses the trivial way the people use GOD’s name and HE will avenge the use of His name.


Part 20

This is a very serious word.  First is a letter with words as told by the LORD JESUS to Susan.  Second is a letter from the LORD JESUS as told to Sabrina. Third we have included the story about Philipa, (a young girl who is the daughter of Guinea missionaries) and the messages she has received from the LORD JESUS since contacting Sabrina.  We have included the story about how Philipa came to hear the voice of the LORD and three very serious additional messages she has since received from the LORD.  In this letter to Susan the LORD speaks quite a bit about the world as a cheating mistress lusting after the world.  Sabrina’s letter from the LORD speaks of the importance of listening to HIS warning messages.


Part 21

This message contains two letters from the LORD.  The first was given to Susan about the lateness of the hour and the second letter contains a message specifically for the bride of CHRIST as told to Sabrina by JESUS.  In the letter to Susan, the LORD tells the people and churches to stop building for a distant future that isn’t coming and instead to get the people ready to be raptured.  The letter to Sabrina is more for the Bride about what awaits her in heaven.


Part 22

In this letter the LORD speaks on those embarrassed by HIM and how He was not embarrassed when He died for them up on the cross.  The next part of the letter talks about the people being in a trance over their idols.  And how their idols won’t ultimately rescue them.


Part 23

Now, I (Susan) want to share a testimony about the 2nd letter here below that I received from the LORD on Dec. 5.  In this LETTER, our LORD JESUS makes mention of the “leaders over HIS flocks” and of the “false prophets of old” in the same section.  After the LORD had finished reciting the letter to me, I asked HIM for a Scripture verse.  He told me right away, “Jeremiah 23” which I immediately looked up and to my amazement this section of Scripture is all about the very same topic HE mentions in the letter regarding the “leaders over HIS flocks” and the “false prophets of old.”  It was an amazing confirmation because although I knew this was mentioned in the Old Testament, I sure did not know the location was Jeremiah 23 as the LORD gave me.  The first part talks about not making your own plans but following JESUS’ plans.  He warns the lukewarm and those who lead their flocks astray.



Part 24

In this letter JESUS says He will not accept a partial commitment and to let go of future planning.  He speaks of what He endured on the cross and how a lukewarm commitment will not be acceptable.


Part 25

First a letter from the LORD JESUS told to and written down by Sabrina and a second letter dictated to Susan.  In Sabrina’s letter the LORD makes reference to the occult and I have included a link to an article about GOD’s views on the occult.  In this letter the LORD says that any plans apart from HIS are not His.  He tells how only the humble can hear His voice and the message He wants people to hear.  He is seeking only the pure-hearted.


Part 26

Along with the letter below from the LORD is a word from the LORD to our little 10-year-old friend Philipa, whose parents are missionaries for the LORD in Guinea.  Philipa began to hear from the LORD and receive visions after she communicated with Sabrina about these letters from the LORD.  She expressed enthusiasm for hearing from JESUS to Sabrina and then it was right after that she did in fact hear from the LORD. 

The letter below was told to Susan by JESUS along with a Scripture confirmation.  The last three letters Susan copied down at the dictation of JESUS, HE followed each letter with a single Scripture verse.  Each time the Scripture that was given, amazingly it coordinated with some of the content HE had dictated in each letter.  This letter is the same.  JESUS dictated these words in this letter to me (Susan): Be HOLY as I am HOLY.  Then at the end of the letter, I asked if HE had a Scripture verse to include and HE simply said LEVITICUS 19 which starts out with this verse to my amazement:  1 The LORD said to Moses, 2 “Speak to the entire assembly of Israel and say to them: ‘Be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy.   (I have included the entire section of Leviticus 19 at the LORD’s request below HIS letter.)  So in this letter the LORD stresses that His people need to be holy.  He also talks about being second to the world in the hearts of the people.


Part 27

I (Susan) would like to share an amazing story about this letter I received below from JESUS.  The same morning I received this letter below, I woke in the early morning three different times and I heard very clearly the name “HEZEKIAH.”  Well honestly, I knew I had heard this name before and that it was probably from the Bible, but I couldn’t place who it was or where I had heard of it.  Well later that morning, I had been praying and I asked the LORD for a Scripture to look up and HE simply said, “MICAH.”  I had not yet looked up the name HEZEKIAH in the Bible yet that day, but instead I turned to the book of Micah the LORD suggested and I was amazed to discover that “Hezekiah” was actually the King reigning during the era that Micah was a prophet.  Well that same morning, the LORD had dictated this letter below to me, I was stunned to discover that Micah addressed the rise of religious infidelity and idol worship as this letter also addresses and this confirmation suggests that the people still turn their backs to GOD now, just like they did during Micah’s era.  In this letter JESUS addresses the doubts of the people about the end coming.  He speaks on hell, and the church doing things only for their benefit and not GOD’s in worship.


Part 28

In this letter once again JESUS says that if you are making plans apart from HIS plans you are going to miss HIM when HE returns.  He addresses how focus off of HIM will leave you behind to face the worst.  This letter is about making choices and the consequences of the choices we make.


Part 29

First is a letter from the LORD JESUS as dictated to Sabrina and also a special letter to the bride of Christ specifically from her GROOM JESUS.   Below it is a letter from the LORD as told to Susan.  Below this letter is a Section written by the evangelist and author Charles Spurgeon about topic: "The Form of Godliness Without the Power.”  Susan included this writing of Charles Spurgeon since in the letter the LORD mentions this particular phrase.  Sabrina’s letter speaks of the people rejecting the LORD for the world.  In the letter to Susan, the LORD talks of His compassion; patience with a world that is rejecting Him—but He still wants a pure bride.


Part 30

This Part XXX has one letter given by JESUS to Susan for all who will receive it.  This letter speaks of lukewarm commitment and doing good works apart from GOD’s consent.  The world looks so normal—but it is not.  No middle ground—only 100 percent commitment.  There is only one path to GOD—not many.


Part 31

This Part XXXI was dictated by JESUS to Susan for you.  Again the message here is more focus on the world than the LORD.  A lukewarm commitment and following men will lead to disaster.  JESUS asks do the people even wonder who created them?


Part 32

This Part XXXII was dictated by JESUS to Susan in the first letter for you.  Then Sabrina received a letter from the LORD also for you.   JESUS speaks of the stench the lukewarm church is to Him.  He speaks of the path being narrow because it requires a full surrender which few are willing to give.  In Sabrina’s letter JESUS talks about the blood only being available in this world not the next life.  HE talks about what happened on the cross and how this generation abuses HIS good name.  The time of this mercy is running down.


Part 33

This letter gives details about the RFID chip as the mark of the beast.  In this letter given to Susan, JESUS describes that the people are distant from Him while the dark forces are moving into the world.  JESUS talks about the dark times coming but He offers His description of the bride.  We received a letter with a word from Augusto Quiala Maquengo, PhD


Part 34

This message has two messages from CHRIST spoken to Sabrina for this letter.  And included is a two-part letter from the LORD JESUS dictated to Susan.  In this letter the LORD gave a serious word to Sabrina about the chip which is the mark of the beast.  In the letter to Susan from JESUS He implores the bride to be strong in this world.  JESUS gives out a serious warning about the mark of the beast in this letter. In another section JESUS speaks on who the bride is to Him.  Then JESUS speaks on the short time remaining and how important it is to come to HIM now without delay.


Part 35

This letter is from GOD the FATHER of CHRIST JESUS and comes with an important warning.  God the FATHER talks of HIS love for HIS son and His arrival to earth and the wrath following the removal of the bride.  GOD the FATHER talks of the incredible feat and compassion of HIS SON on the cross for the lost people.  GOD gives a stern warning about touching HIS covenant land Israel and what will happen to those who do…  The FATHER gave Susan the verse Psalm 89 to add to the letter regarding HIS covenant with Israel.


Part 36

Our LORD JESUS has spoken to Sabrina and myself, dictating to us two letters—each containing important directions for these last days for you to read.  We open the letter with another warning about the RFID chip.  In the letter to Sabrina it is title BE MY WITNESSES!  This letter states that witnessing about Christ is a commandment of GOD and this is why the bride is here is to witness to others of JESUS in this last hour.  In the letter from JESUS to Susan HE asks how can you be holy if you are engaging with the world?  He says only a little leaven spoils the whole batch.  He speaks of staying separate from the world and keeping your eyes fixed on the LORD.  He speaks on the change in the world being subtle but moving away from GOD and the things of GOD.


Part 37

This message begins with a letter from our FATHER of JESUS given to Sabrina and the second part of the same letter was dictated to Susan by our LORD JESUS.  There is an additional letter dictated to Susan by our FATHER of JESUS.  The FATHER describes the extent of JESUS’ sacrifice of GOD as a human suffering on the cross for mankind.  HE continues about the importance of not rejecting HIS SON’s incredible sacrifice salvation.  The letter to Susan from JESUS speaks of the horribleness of HIS death on the cross and the price HE paid.  Then the FATHER gives a letter to Susan about the horrible death HIS SON JESUS endured for mankind and the significance of what HE went through to save men.


Part 38

Sabrina and I each received a letter this time from GOD the FATHER.  The FATHER speaks of creating the world and now it is about to fall into darkness and HIS wrath and the importance of receiving HIS SON JESUS’ salvation now and not to wait.  In the letter to Sabrina, the FATHER warns of playing with the things of the world and approaching HIS throne and not dabbling in the occult and engaging in the things of the devil.  HE warns to never take the mark of HIS enemy’s system or the people will be doomed.


Part 39

This letter has more important details about the RFID as the mark of the beast and a sign of the soon-coming return of Christ.  In this letter, JESUS warns of the world system that will completely reject GOD and doom men for eternity.  The letter speaks of human time as limited so choice must be made of how time is spent—whether devoted to GOD or rejecting GOD.  JESUS warns again about the mark of the beast that is already coming on the earth damning men for eternity and that soon the LORD will remove the bride to leave the world to this evil system.  Detailed links about the RFID chip is included to show that the mark of the beast is already being implanted in people.


Part 40

This message contains two letters from Jesus—each letter has its own important message.  JESUS warns of the audacity of the world’s attack of HIS covenant people and the consequences of such actions.  JESUS promises destruction to the lands that touch HIS covenant land.  In the letter to Sabrina, JESUS talks about the bride and who she is and this letter speaks of intimacy with GOD.


Part 41

Sabrina receives a letter from GOD the FATHER.  HE tells how HE gave up HIS SON to provide a sacrifice to the world for their sin. HE tells how people must choose for this sacrifice by total surrender.  Then Sabrina received a letter from JESUS about the church preaching HIS message and the importance of doing this now.  HE says to preach the blood!  HE asks: Who is willing to go?  JESUS gives a letter to Susan and in it HE tells how few are really not ashamed to be the bride and promote holiness.  JESUS says: The world will continue to tremble from earthquakes in diverse places, the world’s economy will sink, and with it the people will sink to evil depths.  MY hand that brings about all good is being lifted.  Men pat themselves on their backs believing they can bring success.  I am the ONE WHO brings success.


Part 42

In this letter to Susan by JESUS He tells how the churches that don’t operate in the power of HIS SPIRIT are not really and truly following HIM.  These churches HE says are lukewarm and open to the enemy.  These churches will be sent to hell for their lukewarm positions.  In the letter to Sabrina, JESUS warns the pastors that the flocks belong to HIM and to be careful their leadership.  He speaks of the worldly compromise in the churches.


Part 43

In the letter given to Sabrina, the LORD warns the church not to wait in the closet for the rapture, but to get out and to warn the people.  JESUS tells in the letter to Susan that it is only HIS Word that has truth and all other messages in the world will lead people to hell.


Part 44

In this letter to Susan, JESUS speaks of how GOD alone created the universe and man’s effort to explain away GOD’s involvement in creation is evil, leading men to eternal hell.  In the letter to Sabrina, the LORD speaks again of His creation and who the bride is and how she is washed in His Word.


Part 45

Two letters below from our precious LORD JESUS about the times we are in…

In the letter to Sabrina, JESUS speaks of HIS blood, HIS Book and being baptized in His Spirit.  In the letter to Susan, JESUS speaks of creating man and wanting him to turn to him but that these letters won’t go on forever HE states because HE is coming back soon.


Part 46

In the letter to Susan, JESUS declares that HE is involved in the affairs of man and soon HE will retrieve HIS bride leaving those choosing the world to be left to face the worst.  JESUS tells Sabrina that HIS judgment is coming to the earth and the time is short and the people need to choose.


Part 47

In the Part I letter to Susan, JESUS talks about the extraordinary world heaven is and can’t be compared to earth.  So many people ask the question: “How can I know if I am really ready to go with the LORD when HE comes to rescue HIS bride?”  Part II of the letter below given by the LORD JESUS gives the definitive answer.  Part II talks about any plan but GOD’s perfect will for someone’s life is evil and will lead them to hell by they enemy.  The letter to Sabrina, the LORD warns that the people do not seem to think that now is the time of the LORD’s return and they are not turning to HIM, but HE warns of their foolish beliefs are putting them in a dangerous lukewarm condition.  


Part 48

In the letter given to Sabrina, JESUS outlines the importance of being ready for HIS return and that salvation needs to be worked out daily with fear and trembling.  In this letter to Susan, JESUS speaks of what it means to surrender to HIM.  HE speaks of giving HIM the small details of life and not just the big things.  HE is a GOD of details.  Soon the people need to decide before evil fills the earth completely.