Rudy Wallace (30 March 2011)
"TO: Steve W  and Jennie....Ref Some born again christians missing the rapture"

One additional comment that answered this question for me, is that many people are "practicing" christians or have decided to "adopt christianity" as one of the many ways to reach heaven and fulfillment.  I call these philosophical christians and they are different from born again christians.  Born again christians have Jesus and the Spirit dwelling in them at their request and are allowing the Spirit to make all of the necessary changes, whereas philosophical christians are merely practicing "religion" and following dogma.
A birth is evidence that the one birthed has a particular father and mother, even with artifical insemination or test tube conception.  The sperm and egg were still involved.  Thus to be born of the spirit makes one a child of God, and on this side of the rapture, part of the Bride of Christ.  Those born again during the tribulation will be children of God, but not a part of the Bride of Christ, in my opinion.  I can't see Jesus catching away a "partial bride". She would look kinda weird with missing body parts. Perhaps the tribulation saints will be ("guests") at the wedding. Many of those will also enter the Millenium in flesh and blood bodies and live for hundreds of years, while we as the Body of Christ, will have glorified bodies like Jesus that are imperishable and incorruptible.
Born again christians verses practicing philosophical christians.  One group is indwelt by Jesus and the other group is depending on their own goodness to see them through.  Thus in the judgment they can say Lord, Lord, we cast out devils in your name and healed the sick, and Jesus will say depart from me ye workers of iniquity.  I never knew you.  In other words, they were never "born again."
Looking for the rapture any day now.