Rowina (9 March 2011)
"To Kevin and All: Where is Niburu?"

Kevin, Stan Deyo explains that Niburu almost certainly occupies an orbit which so oval
that it only comes close to the sun every 3600 years, give or take 12 years.  Stan said
that he was not too impressed with the theories of Stitchin and others about the coming
of this planet until he calculated where the orbits of all of the planets around our sun
must be.  He found an empty orbit at exactly the place where he thinks Niburu will
eventually come.  I forget how far out that is--a long long way. 

When it arrives in our known solar system it will stay here for approximately eleven to
twelve years from the entrance into the system to its loop around the sun and its exit.  So
during that period of time, if there were creatures living within it, as described by Stitchin,
they could easily come to "see us".  They may live within the planet, in a hollow area
between the outside of the planet and the inner core, and they could exit at the poles.
They might be involved in the Biblical end times deception.

Stan Deyo in general agrees with the concept that if there are creatures living inside
Niburu, they would probably be fallen angels or descendants of fallen angels, thus
agreeing with the general opinion held by most of the Doves.  He did not believe this
concept of Stitchin until he calculated that gravity perturbations among the planets show
that there should be a planet returning periodically to this very elliptical orbit, which delivers
the planet to our view only every 3600 years plus or minus 12 years.

Stan describes these views better than I can on some of his recent talks which I've heard
on the internet.  You can find these if interested at Millennium Ark.  I would recommend
especially the talks with Vincent Jericho or Patrick Timpone, both good although Patrick is not a
Christian and Vincent is.  Another talk will be given on March 9, Wednesday, in the
morning Mountain Standard Time, if you are reading this early.

There may be another major visitor which is NOT planet X this coming Autumn, September or
October.  This would be Comet Elenin.  I think Stan talks about this on these programs, but I
can't be sure, as I listen to several sources which discuss this information.  Comet Elenin may
come VERY close, closer than Niburu, and even its tail debris could be dangerous to Earth.

I find it difficult to describe clearly these things, forgive me for a lack of precise words.  What is
the significant upshot of this, to me, is that Planet Niburu is probably coming on an elliptical orbit
which makes it arrive in our solar system only every 3600 or so years.  It is thus part of our solar
system but is usually not close enough to observe.

I might add that Stan Deyo believes in the rapture and discusses this in his interview with Vincent