Rowina (9 March 2011)
"To Donna on Mac computer non-communication"

Donna, your instructions on how to post a link does not
transfer to my Mac computer.  I can do what you say,
finding the address in the bar at the top of the page,
which in my computer says "" because my
son put that there.  Which must be what I have instead of
Internet Explorer.  Firefox is my browser.

I don't have a right-click or left-click on my mouse.  My
mouse is a homogeneous one without right or left sides.

So I can't move beyond this to follow the rest of your
instructions.  My son has always insisted I have Macs,
and has given me my Macs as presents.  He says Macs
are more impervious to attack.  He says most scientists like
himself use Macs.  But it does cause nonsense to emerge
when talking to PC's.

Thanks for trying!  I may be able to get up to my son's
house and have him show me how to post links on a Mac.
I know it must actually be easy, once one learns how.