Rowina (7 March 2011)
"To Bonnie M and Donna Danna from Mariel"

Dear Bonnie,

I'm apologizing because I can't post links.  I don't know how to.  I live an isolated
life and have no one to show me how to do it.  My son lives 17 miles away but he
is impatient with me because I did not learn this or do not remember it.  He can't
understand how anyone related to him can be so stupid (lol).  I probably should
not post things which should entail the addition of links.

Donna, thanks for the information that a total pole shift would flip the earth over,
as mentioned in Isaiah.  I was unsure if it meant only the magnetic poles would shift.
This is quite a horrifying thing to contemplate!  With night becoming day and day
night in the various countries north and south of the equator.  And thanks for the
information on the underground shelters and how much disaster they are designed
to resist, probably uselessly in most cases.

Thanks to all of the Doves for the great information being posted these last few
days and weeks.  And thanks to John Tng, as always.