Rowina (5 March 2011)
"Dru, on Comet Elenin, wonderful article"

That was a great article on what one can believe or not believe from various
information sites on the web and elsewhere.

I agree that Wikipedia is sometimes composed of misinformation.  Once I went
to Wikipedia to read about a famous man who had just died, a man whom I
had known well in my teen years.  What was written about him was pure
fabrication.  It was 90% wrong.  His place of birth was wrong.  His teachers
were wrong.  His family was wrong.  The only thing right was the fact that he
had gained some fame in a particular field.  Other than that, all wrong.

You're right, our best guide to earthchanges that will come is the Bible itself.
Some people do try to put those things in scientific terms in an attempt to win
souls who do not yet believe all that is in the Bible; so these people do have a
place.  An important place, for saving those souls is important to our Father.

The first teacher I came across who interpreted Bible prophecy in the light of
science was Chuck Missler.  Chuck was VERY important to my husband and me
over 12 years of listening to his tapes, and his science tapes were the most
important of all, for my husband and I had not come from religious backgrounds
where prophecy was EVER taught.  Although we were already committed to
Jesus at the point we began to listen, we were "baby Christians" in our understanding
of the Bible.  Chuck's science tapes inspired us to read more from scientists who
extrapolate from Bible prophecy.  We felt sad that our churches, in the past, had
given us nothing at all of prophecy, and we felt sad for all of our friends and family
who were still on that lonely cloud.  And then, of course, we continued to learn
more about ALL parts of the Bible, including the historical material in the Old Testament.

Even today, my most influential teachers online are those who have a science
background, small or big or huge.  But of course I know that Holy Spirit inspiration
is the main event in winning souls.  So for my family members and friends who are
in science (almost all of them) I now pray to the Holy Spirit for their salvation more
than I recommend science tapes.  I just keep listening to the tapes myself because
they are so inspiring to me personally.  I know that only the Spirit can save my family
and friends, because Jesus made a way.