Rowina (4 March 2011)
"Dianne, you're right"

Dianne, you are right.  I got carried away by my revulsion at the thuggish and vulgar
protesters who have taken over the spotlight in the Madison, Wisconsin protests.
I am really not sure if they were sent in by the "government" or by other unnamed
groups wanting to discredit the legitimate union protesters.

All I do is sit in front of the TV and watch these people, and I cannot believe that
they are legitimate union protesters.  But they could be union.  After all, unions are
like every other human organization, they have their really bad sides, their violent
sides, their selfish ugly sides.

So thank you for saying that you followed my thoughts up to the point where I
said these people were sent in to discredit the teachers, firemen, and other union
people who were protesting.

I followed your thoughts, too, about the problems of unions.  I too know that only
God can guide us in our work-a-day world, that unions are but minor tools in the effort
to make a living honorably.  If God is not the inspiration for what we do, we do it badly.

My only point is that working people need to have a common advocate with some power
against the power of the governing forces, which do not always represent God's way either.
I see that the middle class will now be crushed by the governing forces, and that the
governing forces will probably be taken over by the "elites" whom we all know run "the
world".  We will be back to the bad old days of the 19th century, when people scrambled to
make a bare living while entrepreneurs amassed power and money.  Well, we all know at
Doves that this is already here: the "rich men of the earth" are grabbing it all, they think.

Thanks from a fellow retired teacher.