Rowina (25 March 2011)
"Patricia: the demon-inspired resolution of UN Human Rights Council"

I read your link to the article on the UNHRC condemning actions of Israel as
worse than a nuclear attack.

I read this with almost inability to comprehend how FAR these people can go.
They seem to have gone far beyond even rational analysis of the situation, which
might be entertained by the "usual" liberal, humanist thinkers with whom I am so

Even those who realize, as most of us here do, that some forces connect with Israel are
not innocent, that there are secular Jews who are responsible for unacceptable
management of money, i.e. bankers whose focus is extreme greed, could not
accept this UNHRC resolution as even close rational anaysis of fact.

Presumably, the condemnation of Israel by UNHRC is based on perceived injustices
against the Palestinians.  Not based on rational analysis of the the secular Jewish
individuals, families, and institutions who live by greed and are a menace to all of the
world, not just to Palestinians.

I, and most of us here, have been watching Israel for a long time, and although I
realize that Jews have done violence to Palestinians, it would appear by any rational
observation that Palestinians have done far more violence to Jews.  Most of this
violence by Palestinians is transmuted into acceptable acts of self-defense, in the
eyes of the world.

So how can we have gone so far beyond rational analysis of a situation?  Perhaps it
is simply demonic.

The Western world, led by the United States, has been friendly to little Israel since
her birth, in spite of realizing that there was some "leaven" in her.  But now
are we to transfer our friendliness to the forces, Islamic and otherwise, who oppose her?
It seems we are so doing, mindless of even our own best interests.  This seems demonic.