Rowina (21 March 2011)
"Thanks to Robert Anderson, "Reality Check on Fukushima""

Very good analysis, based on your experience and training.

I accept that the major effects of this disaster will be
secondary, in difficulty powering the nation of Japan with
electricity.  They will be closer to a Third World nation than ever
in their recent history.  Perhaps this deep deprivation of their
perceived needs will turn them to ask help from their Creator.

Even though, as you say, the reactor disaster will probably be
contained, I agree that the suffering of the people of Japan
is and will continue to be intense.  Many of them are deprived
of family, government honesty, food, water, and heat.  Senior
citizens have been dying (Fox news report) from these
deprivations, at or on their way to "shelters."  Some shelters
have no heat, as well as almost no food or water.  People thus
are literally starving.

There are several places listed to send contributions to help the
Japanese on Gretawire, Greta Van Sustern's blog.