Rowina (2 March 2011)
"To Michael and Kevin on Niburu: listen to Stan Deyo on this"

Michael, as you say, it is clear that an object is approaching, but you are right
that there is still some uncertainty as to what it is.  "Brown dwarf" seems the
most likely to me, but even Stan Deyo said recently that it's nature is not
entirely known to us.

Stan Deyo, physicist and Bible believing Christian, has some of the best
explanations of the current astrophysical world, including the approach of
this object.  Stan has been interviewed with ever-increasing frequency
because people are not only waking up but are hungry for what explanations
there are from a scientific and Christian point of view.

Go to and scroll down to see the many interviews he's given
lately.  Two really great ones were with Patrick Timpone and Vincent Jericho,
which were at the top of the list when I looked yesterday.  I listened to both
of these yesterday.

I missed the first 37 minutes of the live interview with Patrick, but the rest
of the two hour interview was Vintage Stan Deyo, explaining not only many
things from the perspective of a creative scientist, but showing how they fit
our faith.  Patrick is an Eckankar believer, but he and Stan managed to be
courteous and even enthusiastic about what they know in common about

The other interview, with Vincent Jericho, was the more moving one, as
Jericho is a Christian talk-show host who has suffered for his honesty and
has a penetrating mind and Christ-centered heart.  This interview was only
an hour in length, easier to listen to for those with limited time.

These shows were "live" but I hope they will soon be available to replay.
If you don't know Stan Deyo, get acquainted.  He's a gift from God.  He
has also had a number of prophetic dreams, some of them about New
Zealand and the Taupo volcano.