Rowina (16 March 2011)
"to Mary Ames on "law written on their heart" (Romans)"

Thanks you for saying what I have felt.  I have felt a burden almost
unbearable for the Japanese in this situation of the earthquake,
tsunami, and nuclear disaster.  And I have watched a lot of television
during this time, as my feet are too painful to walk on, and I am parked
in front of the television or the computer.

And I have seen what you have seen, and heard described what you
have described, the wonderful behavior of the Japanese in spite of this
awful suffering.  They have shown patience and cooperation with each other
far beyond what we would expect in America, should this happen to us.
And have shared their water in bottles when it could be found, rather than
hording.  And I too think that the "Law is written on their hearts".

So many Christians have commented that these people who died
went straight to hell, and the rest of them....probably going there eventually.
The Spirit tells me this is an exaggeration.  Although some may have gone
Below, others may have had Christ in their hearts even if they had not
expressed it yet.

This is a controversial opinion and perhaps will not even be published for
that reason.  But it does me good to say that I agree with you.  I feel admiration
for these people.  Yes, there are some "spirits" infesting that world, with the
pagan shrines, but the majority of the people (70%) are not interested in these things.
And spirits infest OUR world as much or more, if our frequently unkind behavior
is any indication.  I have experienced so much unkindness lately that I feel that
I am personally in the "birth pangs" we talk about so much.  Perhaps others
feel that how unkind we have become in America...not all of us, but many.