Rowina (11 March 2011)
"Kevin, on Niburu, aliens, Deyo's speculation"

Kevin, Stan Deyo was speculating, not stating as fact, that aliens could
live inside Niburu.  He had not accepted a likely Niburu existence until he did calculations
on the perturbations of the outer planets, and came up with an orbit which
could be for another planet unknown to modern science (there are not "infinite"
numbers of orbits, in his opinion--only orbits which are set to be in harmony
with the orbits of other planets).

When I said that most Doves accept that the fallen angels produced those beings
which the world calls aliens, I did not state, nor did Stan, that Stan knows that these
beings inhabit Niburu.  He speculated only that they COULD live there.

Yes, all of this does sound New Age.  I gave up New Age decades ago, after being
deceived by it.

Some Christian teachers other than Stan have speculated that the fallen angels'
descendants COULD still be living, or that similar beings may have been created in
modern times.  These teachers would include Chuck Missler, whose tapes I studied
closely some time ago, and the team of J.R. Church/Gary Stearman.  Some teachers
even go so far as to say that we will soon be threatened by these creatures, that they
will be out in the open, out of "cover", and will be part of an end-times deception that
aliens have returned.  I am sure you have heard such theories, but again, they are
theories as far as accepted science goes.  And the Bible does not specifically say
that they will exist in modern times or end times.  The Bible does say that mankind
will be deceived in the end times, by those claiming to be messianic,  having some
extraordinary talents and attributes.   So we have speculated as to who these "messiah:
figures might be, and some here on Doves have thought they might be fallen angels'

You may be right that I have listened to some teachers more than I should.  They may
be too speculative.  In fact, some of their other speculations may be just that, mere
speculations, not proven by science or by sound Bible scholarship.

My son is a Ph.D in science (working in applied biophysics) and he says that all
of this speculation is complete nonsense.  He told me twelve years ago that what Missler
said about science is complete nonsense.  He would be equally dismissive of J.R.
Church, Gary Stearman, or any other teacher who talks about "aliens" or "Nephilim" or

It may indeed be that we have let the "movies" go to our heads and accepted theories
as true which are only speculations.  I don't watch series like "V" which some here on
Doves find fascinating.

So yes, it's speculation, all of this about aliens, modern Nephilim, and Planet X.  Not
approved by most churches, pastors, or scientists.  It is a good advice you have to
stop thinking so much about such things.

At least I can say this:  I have no fear of giants materializing on my street, or of aliens
coming to town, or of the so-called "shape shifters" which some Christians say are our secret
political and economic leaders.  I put my trust in the Lord to defend me absolutely against
any such beings which might exist.  I go to sleep at night and do not fear the intrusion
of such beings into MY life, because the Lord is my shield from them.

We have plenty to fear in the so-called real world--plague, economic collapse, war,
starvation, apostasy, extreme climate and earth changes.  The Bible predicts these,
and they are here.

As for scientists like Stan, he does have quite interesting connections to so-called
"real scientists" like Edward Teller, whose scientific group he worked in as a young man,
specifically working on "flying saucer" technology.  Teller was a real person who worked
on far out projects.  That much is accepted.  But of course we do realize that even
in such things we might be deceived. It's one reason we long to be with the Lord, to
be forever separated from ALL deception.

I like Stan's thoughts because they are not "mere science", to paraphrase C.S. Lewis.
Stan's primary book, "The Cosmic Conspiracy" is a presentation of what he believes
not only about science but about God's love.  It is one of the most "loving" books I
have read in the interpretation of what God did for us fallen humans.  Stan says specifically
that he is "born again," that the regenerating experience did come to him when he
escaped from harm across the Australian outback.

I should stop trying to explain Stan.  He is much smarter than I am.  I am
not specifically trained in science more than the average college graduate.  I happen
to have all these relatives who are scientists, but none of them believe in God,
so it's good to find a scientist like Stan who DOES believe God and God's Book.

Thanks for your thoughts, Kevin.  May we all know truth in its fullness, and soon.