Rowina (1 March 2011)
"To Dewey on Dimitru Dudaman"

You were not too pleased with the prophecies of Dimitru Dudaman.
There is another thing about him that you might take into consideration.
He does not seem to believe in the pre or mid trib rapture.  From what
I have read of his writings, he believes the Church will suffer during the

He suffered as a martyr in his native Romania, and all credit and honor
should go to him for this.  However, I suppose excelling in his faithfulness
does not necessarily make him a precise predictor of things to come.
Corrie Ten Boom also was like that--a martyr and an inspiration for
her faith, and yet she did not believe in the rapture, so her beliefs in this
regard go contrary to what most on this Doves group believe and support
with scripture.  It's a mystery!