Ron Reese (14 March 2011)
"Excellent summary by Gerry Almond"

Hi Gerry,  Your post on Saturday is an excellent summary of your position, which shows Apr. 5--12, 2010, as a very real High Alert Rapture time.  Apr. 5th also is a Tuesday, the day the Bridegroom comes for the Bride.
I concur with everything that you said.  I had already noticed that the last Christchurch earthquake of Feb. 22nd, was 42 days from Apr. 5th (Nissan 1), and then B.G Ellis posted it on 5 Doves.  42 is the number for the 2nd Coming of Christ.
If nothing happens by Apr. 12th, then Apr. 20th, Feast of Firstfruits, looks like a real possibility.  The Japan Great Earthquake of 8.9 and devastating tsunami, of Mar. 10--11, was EXACTLY 40 days from April 20th.  If this is the Firstfruits Rapture, to be followed by a 2nd Rapture at a later date, then Feast of Firstfruits would be a logical time.  Jonah was instructed by the Lord to give the people of Ninevah a 40-day warning to repent, or be destroyed.  The Japan earthquake and tsunami may possibly be a 40-day warning to Tueday, Apr. 5th to "Repent, or face the Sudden Destruction".
It sure looks very promising for this Spring, but I also agree that we could possibly have as long as Apr. 11, 2012, which is the date the 1260-day Great Tribulation should begin.  However, Apr. 4--6, and Apr. 20--21, of this year, are definite watch dates.  What an exciting day to be a Biblical watchman!
Ron Reese