Robin Wester (25 March 2011)

I am praying and forwarding to prayer lists !! Please keep me updated on the progress.

Blessings Unc.........

> This is a young couple in my church.  Please pray for Angelina.  Pass to  

> your friends, church, bible study groups, everybody.

> She needs to gain enough weight to have the surgery.


> Thank you,


> Sherry



>> Please pray for dear sweet 5 month old Angelina Jansen.

>> She was born with a liver condition and she needs to have a liver  

>> transplant.

>> Doctors and mom and dad have been working hard to try and get her weight  

>> up

>> so that she can have the liver transplant. (Dad is the donor).

>> Sunday morning we received word that Angelina was back in the hospital.  

>> her line was clogged.

>> They were not able to put a new one in B/c she was running a fever so  

>> they put the tube back in her nose.

>> We then received word from Mom this afernoon that Angelina is being air  

>> lifted to Georgetown in Wash DC.

>> Angeliinas billrubin was 20-23 (cant remember exact) and her other blood  

>> work did not look good.

>> Georgetown is the hosp that is going to do the transplant.

>> They are going to try and get to the point that she can have the  

>> transplant.

>> Those of you that know the Jansens know - VERY YOUNG Couple - Dad is a  

>> young Navy sailor! They are both christians.

>> I am asking that EVERYONE PLEASE pass this on to their churches and their  

>> prayer warriros!

>> Angelina, Katie, and Rob need to be covered with prayer right now!

>> Thank you!