Robin Wester (2 March 2011)
"Prayer Request"


Billy asked me tonight "just what have you got to have done tomorrow",  I told him I finally called my Dr today and asked if Dr Fisher really thought I needed to have the mammogram redone and have the ultrasound,  she asked me to hold on a moment, then came back and said YES,  because the first one found some nodules in the right upper and left upper and center.  He walked out saying "well what does that mean - I have lots of bumps in me"  He came back about 20 min later and said " well you know I'm kinda old fashioned and if my Dr starts talking about all these tests and stuff - I'm just going to tell him, that I'm old fashioned and I'm not going for all this stuff !!  He said "you know whatever is going to happen is just going to happen, and if it's your time - it's your time,  going thru all of this stuff is just going to prolong things anyway"


About 30 min later he said - "You do what you want to , but that's just MY thinking !!"


I'm starting to think that maybe my retirement and 401 and life insurance is calling him............I just don't know.


Please pray for the situation, for my protection and for me to make the right decisions and moves.


AND  I have not told my mom all of this - so PLEASE keep this to yourselves for the moment.


Love you all,