Robert Belanger (28 March 2011)
"To Jennie Re Bride of Christ"

Dear Jennie and Doves,

I agree with you that not all born-again Christians will be raptured in the first rapture. As indicated in the parable of the Ten Virgins, only those who have been living and growing in their faith will be a part of the Bride in the first rapture.
If anyone is unfamiliar with the idea of a two-part rapture, I would suggest reading the writings of Lyn Mize at his First Fruits website
The following is a brief excerpt pertaining to the eligibility requirements to be a member of the Bride of Christ. Not all of the Church will be the Bride. This is an assumption that many make and need to carefully review based on the Biblical verses presented in Mize's web site.
That's it for now. This is a touchy subject to many and I do not want to say more since I do not want to stir up trouble.
----------------------- Excerpt from Lyn Mize's web site ---------------------
The Church and the Bride are not the same. The Scriptures confirm that the bride of Christ comes out of the body of Christ. They also give the Biblical criteria for being a member of the bride of Christ. As stated above, pure and sincere devotion to Christ is one of the criteria. Preparing for oneself a wedding garment of good works is another criterion. It is also required that a Christian be found watching at the time of the Firstfruits Rapture of the Church.
The bride of Christ will come from those Christians that are longing for the Return of Christ. They will be among the Five Wise Virgins  that have trimmed their lamps and beckoned for the Lord’s return at the midnight hour. The bride of Christ will be among the watchful and waiting Christians anxious for the Lord to return for them. She has separated herself from the cares of this world, and the riches of this world do not deceive her. The Main Body of the Church does not see her as worthy, and it may even see her as being eccentric, fanatical or even too heavenly minded to be of any earthly good.  

The first bride in Scripture was Eve and her origin (Gen. 2:22-23) is well known among Christians, but few understand the prophetic significance of her origin. The different methods for the creation of Adam and Eve were for a reason. Adam is a type of Christ, and just as Adam’s bride was taken out of his body, Christ’s bride will be taken out of his body, the Church. Eve was made from a small portion of Adam’s body. She was made out of one rib and the flesh attached to that rib. The type is accurate for the bride of Christ, since the bride of Christ will come from a very small portion of the body of Christ.
Adam was put to sleep before his side was opened. Christ was also put to sleep before his side was pierced and blood and water poured out. The blood represents the salvation of the spirit, which is by grace. The water represents the salvation of the life, which is a work and is attained by the washing of water by the Word (Eph. 5:25-27). Thus, the bride of Christ must “be born of water and the spirit.” Many in the Church are not  “born of water”, since they do not avail themselves of the cleansing that Jesus is now providing as our High Priest (1 John 1:9), and they do not study the Bible and apply it to their lives.
The bride of Christ will come out of those who not only see the kingdom (John 3:3), but those who enter the kingdom (John 3:5). The bride will be at the highest level in reigning and ruling with Jesus Christ. The Four Living Creatures in Revelation represent her. The bride will share the throne of Jesus Christ—unlike the 24 elders that have their own thrones and occupy the second level in the kingdom of the heavens.

The bride of Christ constantly confesses her sin, is filled or controlled by the Holy Spirit and performs righteous deeds that prevent her from being put away because of her unfaithfulness. Just as Ruth (Book of Ruth) did before she met Boaz, the bride washes herself, anoints herself with oil and dresses herself in the wedding garment of good works. The bride has made herself ready, just as the following Scripture confirms:

(Rev 19:7-8 NASB)  (7) "Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready." (8) And it was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.

The bride of Christ remains faithful to Christ until the end, and she has the pure and sincere devotion that qualifies her for the prize of the high calling of God, which is to be presented as the bride of Christ.