Robert Belanger (28 March 2011)
"To Those Who Are Left Behind"

Dear Doves,
The following is taken from the First Fruits website described in my message to Jennie and is addressed specifically to those who find themselves left behind at the time of the First Fruits rapture, for refining to be ready for the Main Harvest rapture at the midpoint of the Tribulation.
Being Prepared

If you do not now have a dedicated walk with God, you will not be raptured in the First Fruits Harvest and thus be left behind for further refining.  Here are some actions you can take to increase your faith in Jesus and ease your burden during the Tribulation:

· Make sure you have Holy Bibles available.  You might want to hide several away in safe locations.  The Bible is a weapon that should be used by the Christian and the Antichrist will destroy as many as he can find.

· Buy and store in a variety of locations food, clothing, water and medical supplies.  It will be your duty to share your resources with other Christians.

· Start a prayer and bible study group for believers.  Meet often to strengthen your ties to God and to fellow believers.  Make sure that all are encouraged to continue to follow Jesus during the time of testing.

· Start a support group that ministers to Christian families that have had family members  arrested, tortured or murdered.  If possible, visit and minister to those that are arrested and sentenced to prison.

· Be kind and minister to the Jewish people if given the opportunity.   Some of the 144,000 Jews (Rev. 7:1-8) that are called by God during the Tribulation will be ministered to by MH Christians and place their faith in Jesus as a result of your care and love.

· Be watching for and praying for the return of Jesus for the Main Harvest rapture.   Jesus' return will be your hope during the time of the Tribulation.

· Rely on the Holy Spirit of God.  If you attempt to do a righteous act for God in your own power, you will surely fail.  You need to ask for God's help during each and every trial you may have during the Tribulation.

· Pray continuously to God for help, comfort and support.  Lift up your needs and the needs of others to God.  Praise God especially for the testing you undergo.

· You must never  renounce your faith in Jesus Christ.  You must never  swear any allegiance to the Antichrist.

Encourage Christians that are Weak

Some of the Christians left behind will be weak in the faith.  Some will complain about the persecution that they will undergo and will not seek to grow and mature in their faith.  Try to encourage them to read their Bibles and pray to God for His help while undergoing testing Antichrist.  Some will not listen, however you should still try to warn them that Jesus will not be pleased with them if they are not faithful to Him.