Robert Belanger (1 March 2011)
"To Nicole"

I just finished reading your message today on the subject of the seriousness of the Rapture. I praise you for admitting your sins in public and I know few would do what you did, bravo!  I totally agree with your premise and conclusion, that we are special people chosen at the beginning to be here now as the time to accept Jesus as Saviour draws to a close.
I am sorry that some cannot bring themselves to accept Jesus for salvation, I truly am and it hurts to even thing about it. That decision is the most important one we will ever have to make and to fail to do so will have profound consequences for the future of our spirit, soul and body.
We who have accepted Jesus for salvation should stop playing around with sin as though it were merely a form of entertainment, as the world teaches by so many examples. It is not. As you stated, Nicole, we have a moral obligation after salvation is accepted from Jesus to be true to him as our bridegroom to come. But, unfortunately, many like you fall back into sinning and cannot seem to stop.
We can stop with the power of the Holy Spirit. First, remember we would not have been able to accept Jesus' offer of salvation through his shed blood on Calvary without the power of the Holy Spirit working in us as the deepest levels of our body, soul and spirit. That power made it possible for us to humbly accept help from outside ourselves for salvation, giving up the delusion that we could be sinless on our own.
We cannot do it alone. How many times do you, me and so many others have to slip again into sin to prove it? We need help. We need help desperately. Without His help we indeed would be lost. Let us instead of falling again and again into sin, followed by repentance and sorrow, let us instead resolve to show our appreciation for our inestimable gift of salvation by calling on Him for help when faced with temptation.
In this day of digital photography and instant communications of all sorts, it is more difficult than ever to remain true to our calling. It is more difficult to remain serious and dedicated to someone who is invisible and unknown to the most of mankind. We need to call out for help like a man drowning in the shadow of the sinking Titanic, that glorious symbol of all the world can offer. We have already taken the hand of one in a lifeboat and been hauled into that boat--now let us not keep falling out into the freezing water and pleading to be hauled up again and again!
Fellow believers, look about you. You are surrounded here and in other Christian assemblies of the saints with the survivors of world's destruction to come, and like with the Titanic analogy, we must decide seriously and once and for all where we want to live our future. Do we want to dwell in the Millennium with Jesus ruling and reigning with him. Or is it our choice to remain outside the gates of the Kingdom and observe what could have been ours if we had tried harder?
After death or resurrection from death, it will be too late to come to the realization that these are important times that we are privileged to live in and we must, we must act morally and faithfully to make it to the upcoming finish line to this race we call life.
I don't know what else I can say. I plead and cry out from the bottom of my heart to all who are not serious enough about the commitment to Christ to awaken from the dream the world spins. Awaken now before it is too late!
Thank you Nicole for your immensely important and thought-provoking and inspiring message. May God bless and keep you safe and sound in these last days.