Robert (24 March 2011)
"Palin - Ester link"

Hello doves,

I found a recent news item that Sarah Palin visited Israel, and made statements to the effect that she strongly supports Israel.  But I was surprised to see that her visit coincided with Purim.  This brought to mind a prophetic word given in 2008, during the presidential campaign, that she was anointed and chosen by God, and a "present-day Esther."

I also remembered that many people, even some liberal journalists, have commented that the attacks on Palin and her family were/are unlike anything they had ever seen in terms of the level of hate and vitriol.  Demonic, perhaps?

Please pray for Sarah Palin and her family, whatever God may have planned for them.

Here is the article about her recent visit to Israel:

Here is the article about the prophetic word given in 2008: