Rene (5 March 2011)
"Dr. Owuor's Prophecy!!!!"

I have re-read the urging of Dr. David Owuor and you cannot help but get excited at the
nearness of the rapture!!! Is it 2011? THIS MONTH? IN just a few days??? These things are precious when you are longing to see Jesus! I go to sleep at night many times with a Bible
tape playing. It shuts off automatically, but I believe somehow, those sacred words replenish
and sustain my soul during these dark days on this earth! How do people go on and on when they have no hope in God? When they trust in themselves or their idols? No wonder there is so much suicide, depression, drug abuse, alcoholism and despair out there! Well, folks as Christians we can keep LOOKING UP and listening for that sound!!! We are not in darkness like the closing clouds of darkness coming upon this earth! We are children of the light and the Daystar is soon to break forth in the Eastern sky and call us out!!! Take heart!