Rene (31 March 2011)
"re: Joe Callaway - and TRUE BELIEVERS"

That was a great post. I agree.
Many people think that once you are saved, you automatically LOSE your sin (Adamic) nature and become sinless. This isn't true. While we have the RIGHTEOUSNESS of Christ, we don't lose our Adamic nature until we get out of these bodies of sin and death. If God had MERCY on you enough to save you BEFORE you got saved - when you were living like the dickens in the world --- is He going to WITHDRAW his mercy from you once you belong to Him if you slip and fall? We are to confess our sins and know that he is faithful to forgive us. Jesus is our Advocate before the Father. Sin will cause us to be pierced through with sorrows. Many sins reap their own "payment". We also come under God's chastisement when we sin. I agree that if someone says they are saved and there is never, ever any change in their life and they stay in the same darkness without any evidence of being "born again," I would doubt their salvation to begin with! When you truly are saved and born-again, there is a CHANGE in your life. There is a CHANGE in the way you think, in your thought life, in your attitude, even in your appearance. There is a change in your goals, your priorities, the music you listen to, the SONGS you sing, the friends you hang with, the books you read. It is like you become a different person. You won't have a clue what I am talking about unless you've BEEN there!