Rene (30 March 2011)
"re: Trump and B.O. Eligibility Issue"

Trump was also on "the VIEW" before he came on FOX and got into a heated argument about WHY the prez(?) will NOT show his papers. He said--- WHAT IS HE HIDING? What is there on that birth certificate that he does NOT want the public to see?  By now, wherever it was - it probably has been shredded!!! A man who worked in Hawaii (vital records) admitted that they never had the birth certificate! We've been duped folks! We have a really, really BIG TROJAN HORSE in office! The far LEFT and communists are trying to make it into a RACE issue. Well B.O. is more white than he is black, but no one ever mentions that! The far left just prefers to leave him "black" because it serves their agenda, and they can keep coddling and deceiving the races and catering to the black population and those who look to him as their "savior"!!!! Why are people SO STUPID???? I KNOW OF CHRISTIANS(?) who voted for this man only because of his race - NO OTHER REASON!!!