Rene (30 March 2011)
"The cover-up in Japan!"

Folks - we are being DECEIVED BIG time about what is going on in Japan! We are only being given bits and pieces now that Libya and the mess over there have taken over the FAR LEFT news media! You don't hear much of Japan - just a news flash here and there, BUT we know that radiation levels are ALREADY going up in Florida, Mass, and the Carolinas, yet no one  has been told that this is dangerous! Well, you can be sure that the radiation has already gone into Calif, up through Canada and is now coming down over the US and will eventually go into Mexico and Central America and South America. What are they going to do - wait until EVERYONE has thyroid (and other) cancers, then say - OH GEE - our mistake! too late now to take iodine - so sad --- too bad, huh? And now Japan is saying that they are finding Plutonium in the soil around the plant, but not to worry! It isn't dangerous amounts! THERE ARE NO SAFE LEVELS for plutonium. ONE particle inhaled can give you lung cancer!!! You have to realize that the New World Order WANTS the population of the world decimated. That is their objective and always has been!