Rene (24 March 2011)
"re: J. R. Church - A Tireless Saint"

It appears that the world has lost another great Christian warrior and most probably to chemo toxicity. J. R. used SOME alternative therapies  after taking chemo (like ablation therapy when the cancer was found in the liver), but he took chemo earlier, and I know what that stuff does to the immune system. Every time I read of some celebrity having cancer and undergoing chemo, they come on the news and rally others around them in a very positive manner and tell everyone to pray for them. Then there is a period of silence where you hear nothing. THEN, the next thing you hear is that they have died. It is tragic and sad. The SAME thing happened to Zola Levitt and so many others. Would you not think that after awhile people would add 2 and 2 together and figure out that these poisons are killers? I sent Mr. Church a book on alternative healing.  I got a thank-you email, but I don't know if he ever read it. One of the many things it discussed was ablation therapy. What I find most people doing, however, is using chemo first because their doctors tell them that they will DIE unless they do - then when their immune system is totally destroyed, they start trying the non-toxic remedies. Many times, by then, it is simply too late! The damage has been done and they have irreversibly been poisoned. So the world is left short once again by the death of a tireless saint who simply went too early, IMHO.
May He come for us soon! If that Plutonium cloud that is coming out of reactor 3 in Japan now, hits our shores, it will kill a lot of people! Those poor folks in Japan are living a nightmare! Today, they told everyone in Tokyo NOT to feed their babies any tap water. It's already contaminated. So, I supposed this means that it is OKAY for adults to drink it???
Would YOU want to??