Rene (16 March 2011)
"re: WHAT is Missing in JAPAN?"

What is missing? Well, I can tell you this. You don't have looters everywhere. You don't have riots. You don't have people walking around in packs like wolves stealing, yelling, screaming, DEMANDING help, forming angry mobs!!!  Many are seen standing patiently in LONG lines at stores to get what little food and water is left... It's because they are not like the people that were stranded in Katrina, many of whom were self-centered, living in their own narcisstic little world - used to getting their own way - USED to having someone ELSE (like the government!) provide everything for them (social programs). Then those programs collapsed and their entitlements  disappeared, so they were like children throwing tantrums!!!!
Many of the Japanese have something many Americans have LOST! It's called ETHICS and HONOR. Most of them are honorable people. They live and die because they believe in behaving honorably. Maybe they LEARNED something from their mistakes in WWII. Apparently we haven't!