Rene (16 March 2011)
"re: Harvey Troyer's articles re: Japan"

There are actually THOUSANDS of Christian believers in Japan! They are NOT all into ancestor worship. God has his people in every nation. Even IRAN has a large Christian population - it's just that we never hear of them because they are all in underground churches. While there are many more believers in Asian countries like Korea, and China, Japan has many, many Christians and many Christian churches! 
My heart goes out to the YOUNG people in Japan because, in many ways, they are like the young people here in America! They have never had to go through some of the sorrows and heartaches and lack that their parents and grandparents had after WWII; they have been spoiled with all their I-pods and PCs and laptops and cell phones and all the newest gadgets and best of life's comforts handed to them on a silver platter (yes, just like our ungrateful and unthankful American Teens!!!) They have never had to struggle for anything and many are lost, anti-God, bored, self-centered and absorbed with computer games, texting, and the internet. How will THEY FARE when they have to struggle just to get food and water and shelter when they have never had to do so before? While it is true that Japan has been no friend of Israel - taking sides with her enemies, this current administration is doing the SAME thing! How long before more of these "judgments" come to our shores? We didn't learn a THING from Katrina!!! Our current administration kicks Israel every
chance they get!!! We have kicked God out of our schools, out of our solemn assemblies, out of our courts, out of our highest offices, and out of our national (U.N.) associations! We have flaunted our "liberties" by murdering millions of unborn babies every year and putting up with drug trafficking, HUMAN trafficking, the worst most licentious, offensive, vile programming (TV) and theatre productions and porn that should make the most hardened criminal blush in shame. What's in store for us?