Rene (16 March 2011)
"re: Bruce Warner & Spring Rapture!!!! Anyone notice this????????"

4 months and then comes the harvest....
Isn't it interesting that that adorable little baby girl in Japan was rescued AFTER 4 DAYS in the rubble??? Found safely wrapped in a fuzzy, warm coat? Then handed safely over to HER FATHER, who fled with her to avoid a possible advancing Tsunami----?
Did anyone see the story of the man clinging to the roomtop of his house out in the middle of the ocean? He and his wife were on their rooftop and went back down to GET SOMETHING inside their house - (something valuable to them, no less) --- well, he survived, but she has not been seen since. What was that warning Jesus gave?  About fleeing without LOOKING BACK? (Remember Lot's wife???)
Remember the warning to Israel when they SEE the abomination of desolation, don't even go back inside your house to get anything - just FLEE---- even if you are on your rooftop, DON'T go back inside your house to get anything - just run!
Typology there???