Rene (14 March 2011)
"MORE BIRTH PANGS!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!"

Weird - There have been 125 aftershocks measuring 5.0  -- within just the first 24 hours after the BIG one hit Japan - then 2 nuclear plant melt-downs in process and now---
2 of Indonesia's major volcanoes are blowing off!
Now they are saying the quake that hit Japan was not an 8.9 or 8.8, but a 9.1 --!!!!!!!!!! One town had 9200 people that just disappeared in it. Two trains simply disappeared ... BIRTH PANGS folks!  He is coming!!!!  Pray for the people of Japan and Indonesia. You know, there are a LOT OF CHRISTIAN believers in Japan and Indonesia...They said the quake that hit Japan was ONE-THOUSAND times more powerful than the one that hit Christchurch in New Zealand!